Can sheep eat lettuce?

Lots of water and the right diet with the right amounts and the right types of feed are of utmost importance for a healthy sheep body. We know that sheep are ruminants and what that means is that their diet mostly consists of pasture, hay, and some legumes and grains. With a mineral block here and there, you can be sure that all sheep’s nutritional needs are met. That means that there is nothing wrong with keeping the sheep diet as simple as that.

Everything else that you add to their diet can only be considered as an addition that might or might not add some nutritious perks for the animals. If you do decide to expand the sheep diet, always remember to do it very slowly and carefully and strive for healthy and nutritious additions rich in vitamins and minerals. Now let’s tackle the question asked in the title of this post.

Sheep can eat lettuce, although it can be considered an inefficient use of resources because of its low calorie count. Other than that, lettuce can be given to sheep as a treat, as a regular addition to their main diet. Sheep usually like its fresh taste and a nice crunch.

Lettuce is very digestible for sheep, just remember to introduce it very slowly to their diet. In that way, you can be sure that you’ll avoid any stomach problems in your sheep. Lettuce is cheap and easy to acquire, so there should be nothing stopping you from occasionally giving lettuce to your sheep as a mealtime addition.

Is lettuce good or bad for sheep?

Lettuce is good for sheep. It doesn’t contain any poisonous substances that could affect the health of the sheep in some negative manner. 

On the other hand, sheep can’t survive on lettuce alone. You can make your sheep nutritionally deficient and hurt them in that way, but lettuce adds some value when used in combination with pasture and hay. Lettuce just lacks calories and vital nutrients for anything else.

Most sheep guidelines will recommend that sheep’s diet should consist of about 7% protein. Lettuce has around 3% protein. So, the easy conclusion is that sheep can’t survive on lettuce as a staple food of their diet.

Look for mold-free and otherwise non-contaminated lettuce.

Is lettuce good for sheep in warm weather?

Lettuce can help a lot in refreshing your sheep during those hot summer days, but it can’t be a water substitute. Sheep will like the fresh and crunchy treat.

I would recommend giving your sheep lettuce to refresh themselves only if giving them lettuce from your own backyard or maybe neighbors. Why? Because lettuce has a fast rotting rate if not transported in refrigerators. That would make a costly refrigerated transport for a very low-calorie content per truckload.

Are there better alternatives for sheep treats?

We have already established that lettuce can’t be a part of sheep’s main diet, but can only be treated as a supplement or a treat. But, is it the best treat that you can give them? Can you provide your sheep with something better?

Yes, there are quite a few more nutritious treats to give to sheep. Carrots and cabbage might be an interesting option for your sheep as they have a bit of a tougher crunch and they can add to teeth cleanliness. You can take a look at some of my other sheep treats posts as well:

Iceberg lettuce is not a good choice for sheep. Romaine is far better. Butterhead is OK.

How to give lettuce to sheep?

Sheep have a sensitive digestive system. They especially don’t like rushed diet changes. Sudden changes can be even lethal for them. So, start with a small quantity of lettuce in the beginning, otherwise, you might have a negative outcome. Allow the sheep to get familiar with vegetables, observe them vigilantly, and then increase the quantity gradually.

Do not force the lettuce. If your sheep didn’t like it the first time, you can try with some other types of lettuce, but be ready to accept that you just might have a herd full of picky eaters.

You can check one picky eater refusing the lettuce in the following video:

There are no preferred ways in which lettuce should be given to sheep. Lettuce is not a choking hazard like apples. You can slice the vegetable or give it to sheep whole. One thing you have to remember, especially if you bought the lettuce is to wash it before giving it to your flock. Always be wary of pesticides or even some food-borne illnesses.

Sheep can eat cooked lettuce as well.

What are the nutritional values of lettuce?

Lettuce is low in calories, but still adds value to the diet with its abundance of:

  • Water – saves from dehydration on a hot day,
  • Iron – essential for haemoglobin production,
  • Manganese – for bone development,
  • Folate – makes the sheep active and not lethargic,
  • Vitamin A – great for sight,
  • Vitamin K – prevents excessive bleeding after an injury,
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin) – essential for glucose metabolism,
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – for growth and overal good health,
  • Some other vitamins and minerals, but in minimal amounts.

Types of lettuce

There are five types of lettuce. Basically, you can try all five types with your sheep. Some farmers don’t recommend Iceberg lettuce for sheep, but I found no difference with my sheep. The five types of lettuce are:

  • Romaine lettuce,
  • Iceberg lettuce,
  • Butterhead lettuce,
  • Leaf lettuce,
  • Stem lettuce.


Lettuce can be given as a treat to sheep. Its fresh texture is palatable for sheep, but its lack of nutrients makes it only good as a supplement, nothing more. Also, always remember to add lettuce (or any other feed for that matter) in small increments to the sheep diet. Take it step-by-step, don’t risk the gut health of your sheep.