Are rams dangerous?

Ram, a male counterpart of sheep. Horned, robust animal. Larger and meaner of the duo. Still, without it, there is no sheep breeding, and thus no sheep farming as well. Rams are an essential part of the sheep flock, but they come with quite an additional challenge for the farmers. Rams can be stubborn and aggressive and in that way could pose a danger for other animals in the flock, but to the farmer as well. Let’s tackle everything about ram’s behavior, aggression, and how to tackle their aggression, safely. So, are rams dangerous?

Rams can be dangerous. Rams might show their most aggressive behavior during a breeding season. They can be aggressive for territory or they might just react to fear or stress. Their charges and head-butts can actually cause harm to humans and animals as well. A way to reduce potential harm is to properly manage and train a ram. Sometimes, even a more permanent solution might be needed.

Are sheep aggressive?

Most of us, when we think of sheep, we imagine a gentle and docile animal happily grazing on a spring meadow. But, like with any animal species, sheep have their own unique set of behaviors and instincts, and not all of them are always docile. If you’re a farmer, or just a lucky individual who happened to encounter them in their habitat or some other setting, it’s important to understand the nature of sheep and how to handle them. So, let’s tackle the basic question and then some other topics, like the cause for potential aggression and how to safely deal with our woolly critters.

Sheep are generally not considered aggressive animals by nature. Sheep are often described as herbivores with peaceful and quite passive behavior. There are always exceptions to the rule. Any animal, when stressed, sick, or provoked can show some aggressive demeanor. Sheep usually won’t show aggression, even if provoked, and if they do show it, it’ll always be for their own defense and self-preservation and not intentionally harmful.

Are sheep smart? Can the answer surprise you?

In our culture sheep are considered low in intelligence, and even downright stupid. Does anyone remember George Washington’s declaration? “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” Even today in Urban Dictionary to be called “a sheep” is to be someone who mindlessly follows other people’s orders.

Contrary to popular belief, sheep are smart and intelligent animals. They are capable of problem-solving and many scientists are placing them on a similar IQ level as cattle and on a nearly similar level as pigs.