Can you let sheep into the vineyard?


This is an interesting topic for quite a few people. You might be a sheep owner and you’re thinking of repurposing one of your pastures to a vineyard, or maybe you’re a wine enthusiast with lots of grapevine-filled lands, and you’ve decided to go as green as you can in wine production. So, can you let sheep into your vineyard and actually not lose all your hard work?

You can let sheep into the vineyard. Sheep can play the role of natural leaf-pluckers and pest removers in most vineyards. But, you can not let them roam freely throughout your vineyard at all times. Some vineyard owners have tried with goats in that role, but with dubious success. Why? Because goats eat with their heads up while sheep eat with their heads hanging down below, and you want your animals to get rid of weeds and not all your vine leaves and grapes.